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 P.T. Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. is a family run business has been involved in the food industry for over ten years, bringing you choice fruit and vegetables from Thailand's rich agricultural center. Founded in 1994, P.T. Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. has the capacity to produce around 10,000 metric tonnes of food products annually from its own plantations. The company exports 100 percent of its output to international markets such as and United Kingdom, The Netherlands, German, France, Belgium and other European countries, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

P.T. Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. produces a range of canned fruit & vegetable products, fresh fruit & vegetables, and frozen fruits & vegetables. All products are harvested at just the right moment, and guaranteed of premium quality and cleanliness. Every piece is hand sorted to ensure the peak of perfection. Close supervision and exacting quality standards bring only the best products to the world. Fresh, clean products are individually quick frozen (IQF) to ensure retention of their natural color, flavor, and taste.


At present P.T. Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd has six main product lines:Frozen fruits, Vegetables and spices. And there are canned fruits, vegetables and chillies sauce of excellent quality to maintain its international competitiveness. This is guaranteed by the careful selecting of plant varieties, the prudently managed farming system and the use of the best available processing technology, all carried out under close supervision of various agriculture experts and technical specialist.

In-house farming:
We have our own in-house farming system.  We currently have approximately 200 acres of Kaffir lime leaves and 250 acres of chillies, both of these products are systematic checked before harvest and adhere to EU regulations.
Contract farming:

We also have a comprehensive contract farming system. We provide to the farmers carefully designed cultivation plan and knowledge about proper plant protection. We constantly supervise the plantations before harvesting to insure they meet the required standard used for processing.

Standard quality and standard of the products are vital to the company. Through the vision of the management, unity and dedication of the staff at all levels, the company had complied with all the criteria guided by all the international standards.

                The company has been certified with the prestigious Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) standards, Health Analysis Critical Control point (HACCP).  And now the company is applying for BRC Certification. Therefore the customers are ensured of the international level on hygiene, quality and standard.

At present our frozen products. We use Individual Quick Frozen(IQF) technology, recognized and accepted worldwide as the most advance and efficient system to pressure the perfect natural freshness of our products.

We are the biggest producer of chilli sauce in Thailand: We have a semi-automatic system which produces 2000 tons of chilli sauce per year.
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